Ghost Lake Lodge's vintage cabins were built in the 30's by the Civilian Conservation Corps.  Feel the history as you enjoy the Northwoods

Back in the day, Ghost Lake Lodge was a famous American Plan Wisconsin resort.   You might have seen some well known people there.

Ghost Lake Lodge was built here on the shores of Ghost Lake by Fred and Pearl Scheer in 1935 and opened for business in 1936.  There was one cabin here originally (Cabin 2) and the remainder were built in the 1930's and 1940's.  Originally none of them had kitchens and the resort operated on the American Plan with all the guests being served their meals in the lodge.  

All 12 of the women staff (waitresses, cooks, pastry chef, etc.) were housed in Cabin 10, which at the time was known as the "Hen House".  There was also Olie the gardener who tended to the large vegetable garden that supplied the resort, and a few cabin boys that were housed in small cabins back by the garden.  The original lodge burned down in 1954.  Pearl Scheer reportedly ran back not the burning building to get the reservation book so she could let all the guests know of the tragedy!  All the guests were very understanding and brought hot plates to heat food on while the lodge was being rebuilt.  
Ghost Lake Lodge was considered the premier resort in the area was was host to many famous guests including:  Ernest Hemingway, (noted author), Ted Williams (famous baseball player), Percy Faith (big band leader who was said to have played the baby grand piano that was in the lodge for whole evenings), Edgar Bergen with his sidekick Charlie McCarthy (who Fred Scheer reportedly got to perform at the high school, making him very popular!) and his daughter Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown).

Fred and Pearl Scheer's son, Richard, and his wife Nancy continued to run the lodge until 1976.  After being closed for a year to add kitchens to the cabins, it was re-opened by Nuk and Jan Griley, who operated it along with their well known lab, until 1988, when it was sold to Bill and Maria Gryzik, who featured a locally known Italian restaurant, and raised their two children, Billy and Candice here until 2005.  They sold several of the cabins as condos, most of which are still available to be rented through Ghost Lake Lodge.  Nathan and Pam Knoche continued the tradition until 2018, when they moved to their beloved Colorado.  Ghost Lake Lodge remains a destination for generations of families.

    The current lodge was completed in 1955.  It was designed by the well-known architect Paul Thomas, who was related to the Scheers.  He was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright and did the lodge in the tradition of his Prairie Style.